The Guided Hikes Checklist

The checklist helps us make sure that we have all the equipment needed and that we complete all the pre-tour checks.

The checklists for the guided hikes are available here:

The guided hikes have a fairly simple gear list: the safety kit, hiking poles and snacks/lunches. This equipment is usually ready for you when you show up in the morning but always take the time to make sure that everything is there.

The safety kit includes a first-aid kit, emergency bivy bag, headlamp, matches, Zoleo and bear spray.

Lunch and Snacks on Guided Hikes

Half-day tours include snacks only. These vary but typically include energy bars along with a shareable tray of charcuterie, nut, veggies or hummus. We usually distribute the energy bars at the trailhead and the guide carries the snack on the trail.

Full-day tours include the same snacks as half-day tours, plus a bagged lunch that we distribute at the trailhead. The lunch typically consists of a sandwich, juice, an additional snack and dessert.

We include ice pops at the end of each summer tour. These will be wrapped in a cooler and we distribute them at the trailhead as part of the Reinforcing Memories block. On cold days this may be changed to hot chocolate.

Guests are asked for dietary restrictions when they book the tour. Any concerns will usually be listed on the guest list and on the lunch/snack kits.

The checklist for summer tours is available here.

The guests are responsible for showing up with appropriate footwear and clothing along with a backpack and water bottle.

This is listed on the website, at the time of booking and in the pre-tour emails.

The other section of the checklist is to record your pre and post-tour notes.

The pre-tour checks are a reminder to consider the weather and other risk factors when making last-minute plans for the day. Putting these in writing helps the company and the individual guides in case of an accident by demonstrating that we did our due diligence prior to each tour.

The tour notes help us refine the tours, identify issues and keep a record of any minor incidents or near-misses. It’s also a great place to share interesting things that you found along the way that we can then share with the other guides.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out as you pick up and return your gear for the day. Once the checklist is completed, leave it at the Canteen.