Whitegoat Falls Guided Hike

A great option for families and those looking for a shorter hike with great rewards. The trail takes us through the forest as we make our way to the pretty double falls on Whitegoat Creek.

The shortest hike we offer, making it a great option for families and guests looking to see pretty waterfalls without committing to a long adventure. The hike is approximately 3 km long with an elevation gain of 155 metres.

This hike appeals most to curious adventurer families and guests who are new to hiking. Many are camping in the area or out for a day trip to enjoy the region’s sights.

The Journey

Excitement & Trepidations

The guests are excited, but also nervous, as they arrive for their tour. The “local dump” setting adds to the mixed feelings.

Take a few minutes to get to know them and share the plan for the adventure.

The Challenge

The trail builds up gradually, giving the guests a chance to take in the beauty close to the trail.

The steep hill down to the creek and the creek crossing pushes many of our guests outside of their comfort zone. Coach them through the process and make sure to celebrate afterward.

Goosebump Moment

This tour naturally builds up to the moment as we come around the bend to see the falls. Let the guests enjoy the place while you set up snacks for them.

The Way Back

The way back takes us along a pretty canyon and a quiet forest, giving them the chance to enjoy the sense of calm.

Reinforcing Memories

The ice pops back at the trailhead help wrap up the adventure, providing a refreshing end to the hike and the chance to encourage them to join us for another tour in the future. 

The Adventure Package

All the documents are available in Google Drive. The map is available on GAIA GPS.

Tour Summary

The printer-friendly version is available here.

The Itinerary

The printer-friendly version is available here.

The Itinerary Map

The printer-friendly version is available here.

The Stories

We’ll be updating this section once the destination stories are completed.

Key Stories

  • Boreal forest (lodgepole pine, buffalo berry, etc.)
  • Old exploration road
  • Rainshadow
  • Changing of the creekbed

Supporting Stories

  • Vision Quest (traditional use)
  • Incorrect naming of Whitegoat Creek

The Adventure Stories

  • How to hike down the steep terrain to access the creek bed

The Checklist

The printer-friendly version is available here.

The Risk Management Plans

There are 3 of the risk management plans that apply to this tour:

More information on the risk management plans and safety kits is available here.