Module 2: Authentic Adventures

A Look at Why we Offer This Adventure

Authentic adventures happen at the intersection where our motivations and those of our guests align with our destination’s sense of place.

The questions we need to ask ourselves for each of our products are:

  • Why us? How does the adventure align with our goal to inspire our guests to play outside and help them experience their adventure so that they can discover the culture, people and natural beauty of the region?
  • Why here? How does the adventure showcase our region’s natural beauty, the culture of outdoor adventures and the people who make it special?
  • Why are guests joining us? How can we best help them be the heroes of their adventures by providing guidance and the tools they need?

The information below helps answer why we’ve chosen to offer these tours and some of the elements we need to remember to ensure that they can be authentic adventures.

Why Us?

Our goal at Nordegg Adventures is to inspire our guests to play outside and help them experience their adventure so that they can discover the culture, people and natural beauty of the region.

How we do this is defined by our guiding principles:

Get lost in the moment: Fun, shared experiences combined with breathtaking landscapes and amazing people create moments that naturally immerse us, making it easy to forget about daily life.

Simple is better: Life isn’t that complicated. Celebrate the simple pleasures, the raw beauty of nature and the connections with people you meet along the way.

Embrace the unexpected: Going on an adventure off the beaten path means that things are less structured. The best moments happen when you leave the checklist behind to create your own path.

Do the right thing: Caring for the environment and each other is not a trend, it’s part of living. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures. Collect memories, not things.

Focus on the long term: Build relationships and memories that last. Taking the time to enjoy the journey will transform you.

What we offer are guided adventures, like scenic float tours. These tours are a great fit since they help our guests experience something they wouldn’t easily do on their own and they do not require paddling skills which allow us to focus on the amazing views of the North Saskatchewan River. That being said, they still allow our guests to go outside of their comfort zone as they play outside.

The Team

This tour is one that we offer on our own, without partners directly involved in the adventure.

The best guides for the scenic float tours can find the beauty in running the same section of the river multiple times in a week, seeing the familiar with fresh eyes.

Making sure that the adventures we offer align with the purpose of our organization, our motivations as guides and the interests of partners is key to creating authentic adventures.

If you work for another organization, take some time to find out why they offer the adventures they do. This will help you make sure that it’s a good fit for you and gives a great starting point in adjusting your guiding style for the situation.

If you work as a freelance guide we recommend that you spend some time defining your guiding philosophy so that you can attract the clients you want.

Why Here?

Nordegg & Abraham Lake is a different kind of Rockies experience where nightlife means campfires and starry skies, where the best trails are often unmarked, sometimes even missing from the maps.

Adventures off the beaten path take a little more effort, but the rewards are well worth it: stunning canyons, incredible peaks, glaciers, amazing rivers and the ice bubbles of Abraham Lake. Our mountain setting is what draws our guests to the region and keeps them coming back.

That’s why the Upper North Saskatchewan River, from Owen Creek to Preacher’s Point is a great location for scenic float tours. The lesser-known area connecting the Icefields Parkway to Abraham Lake is less developed than the surrounding areas, making it an ideal place for those looking to explore off the beaten path. This is what we embrace to make our adventures different from other scenic floats available in Jasper and the Bow Valley.

What makes your destination unique?

The type of experience we create on a scenic float tour comes in large part from our setting. Finding ways to incorporate the things that give our destination its sense of place is what allows us to create an experience that uniquely fits with our region, whether we are in a remote area or floating through an urban centre.

Our Curious Adventurer Guests

Our guests love to explore and immerse themselves in the places they visit. They are curious and love doing things that are new and different, a little challenging and a whole lot of fun. They’re always up for an adventure.

Adventures off the beaten path where they get to take their time getting a sense of place is why they choose to visit the region. Like us, they believe that the journey is the destination and best enjoyed with like-minded people. After all, adventure is found wherever you look…

Immersing themselves in breathtaking landscapes and connecting with amazing people is well worth the effort. The raw beauty of nature allows them to escape from the day-to-day and enjoy the moment.

They are typically 45 to 70+ years old. The majority are women, especially the booking guest, but international visitors are more likely to travel as a couple. They are college or university educated with a comfortable income and at various stages of their careers as business managers, artists, scientists, public servants or professionals.

They are often comfortable exploring the area on their own but they choose to join a guided scenic float tour for a few reasons. These include wanting to learn more about the region and making sure that they get to see what attracted them to the region. In many cases, they choose a guided tour because they don’t have the paddling experience or the equipment needed for a safe adventure on the river.

Knowing who our guests are is essential for participant-centred programs.

This starts with identifying who is the ideal guest for the tour and then using marketing in a focused way to attract guests who will enjoy the type of adventure we offer. Good marketing helps potential guests self-select early on in the booking process, making it a more enjoyable and safer adventure.

This applies to commercial tours, outdoor clubs and even to planning an adventure with friends.