The Scenic Float Guide’s Equipment

These are some of the equipment we find works well. You can use this as a starting point to find out what works best for you. The brands we recommend are the ones that we’ve found work well and that have been supportive in the past through pro-deals.


We do not have a uniform for guides. This allows you to choose the equipment that works best for you. All that we ask is that it looks professional and appropriate for the activity.

There are a lot of great options for hiking clothes. These are some examples from Outdoor Research to give you an idea of the styles that we prefer.

For pants and shorts, anything from their Ferrosi or Voodoo collection works great. You’re also welcome to use our dry pants and booties when needed.

We prefer a collared button-up shirt for guides. The Astroman collection works great in both short and long sleeves. The long sleeves are a great option since they layer well and provide added sun protection on hot summer days.

A lightweight fleece and windbreaker (e.g. the Ferrosi Hoodie) are great to have in our bags for those cooler days. A rain jacket is good to have while rain pants are more of a personal preference since we don’t typically run a lot of tours on days with hard rain.

Finally, a pair of fleece gloves are great on those colder days. A pair of shell mitts (e.g. the Revel Shell Mitts) are great to have in your bag. They work over your regular gloves in all seasons to protect your hands from the elements, allowing you to warm up much faster.

Shoes or Sandals

The choice between shoes and sandals is personal. We recommend water shoes but a pair of hiking shoes you’re willing to get wet will also work. Sandals are a great option on warm days, as long as they are securely attached to your foot (i.e. no slides or flip-flops). 

Keen and Merrell both offer a good pro-deal and great footwear options.

Hat, Sunglasses and Sunscreen

We spend a lot of time in the sun and it’s good to protect ourselves. Trucker hats and wide-brimmed hats work great for all of our tours. 

We’re big fans of wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes while working outside. We prefer non-mirrored lenses but the rest is up to you. Companies like Spy Optics have pro deals available through ExpertVoice.

There is usually some sunscreen in the guide’s bins but make sure to bring along your favourite type.

Remember that pro deals are a privilege offered to guides by outdoor companies. Always respect the guidelines of their program since abuse can result in all of our staff losing access to those deals.