Why An Experience Framework?

Our first tours at Nordegg Adventures were built intuitively, based on what felt natural to us. We did things like adding hot chocolate with whipped cream to our ski bus because we’d always enjoyed the treat after a day of skiing, not because we understood how it helped reinforce the memories.

Over the years, as our company grew, we started to look deeper into why some of these details had big payoffs while other tours we offered didn’t succeed in the same way.

Most of the experience development frameworks we came across at the time were designed for historic sites, special events and organizations with a broad mandate like parks or large attractions.

The framework we use now looks quite different than it did a decade ago. It is still based on the same principles of creating memorable experiences with the guests as the heroes of their adventures but how we do it has seen a lot of refinements over the years.

The experience framework brings together the elements we need to consider to craft and facilitate experiences that our guests will remember for a long time.

It’s not a list of things to do or a simple recipe but a collection of questions and tools we use to make the work easier.

While we originally designed it for adventure tourism, we’ve found that it works just as well at the Nordegg Canteen and that it can easily be applied to almost any tourism context.

We’re sharing it with you to make collaboration easier. It gives us a common language as we work on projects and we hope that you’ll share your experience to help improve it so that we can continue to make our destination even better.