Why are we drawn to adventures?

Setting the differences aside, there is something special about days spent outside and sharing the experiences with our guests that we all cherish.

The Power of Moments

The video might be about water activities, but the reasons why we love adventures are the same no matter where we play. Thinking about why we, and our guests, are drawn to adventures, there are a few themes that stand out:

  • the feeling we get when we’re lost in the moment, forgetting about our daily lives;
  • the feeling of being in awe, left speechless as we enjoy moments that raise above the everyday;
  • the excitement that comes with learning a new skill, just because we wanted to learn something new;
  • the sense of pride and connection we feel when we overcome a challenge with new friends; and
  • the memories and stories we get to share afterward.

Notice how all of these are about the feelings we get when we head out to play and explore? The tangible parts of the adventure matter, hiking a longer trail than we usually do gives us some bragging rights and knowing that the conditions match our skills level allows us to enjoy the experience.

At the end of the day, however, what we remember are the intangibles: the goosebump moment when we’re left in awe, the aha moment when everything makes sense all the sudden, the pride that comes with pushing our limits and the connection we make with friends, new and old, when we share the experience.

We’ll come back to these themes when we discuss the adventure framework in the next module.

Sometimes we lose track of what drew us to the adventures in the first place. The extraordinary we see every day can become ordinary to us. Our guests are experiencing the magic of seeing it for the first time.

Taking the time to once again see a place for the first time through the eyes of our guests or to share in the excitement that comes from re-learning a new skill is what keeps us going.