The Building Blocks

We looked at why we are drawn to adventures earlier. These are the details that need to come together for each adventure to create the connections with place and people. This is how we make those special moments happen and are at the core of our role as adventure guides.

In this section, we’ll be focusing on the building blocks of the adventure framework.

It all starts with the goosebump moment, the part of the adventure that rises above the everyday, leaving us speechless and in awe. This is the reason why we offer the adventure. It’s similar to the vision, theme or big idea that other frameworks use.

For the goosebump moment to resonate with our guests we need to find the right combination of activities, supporting moments and stories while making sure that we set up a safe environment where the logistics are handled seamlessly.

The Activities

The activities we choose have the power to transform the experience. Snowshoeing forces us to slow down, sightseeing makes the region more accessible while photography allows us to capture the moment.

The Moments

The smaller moments we encounter along the way make the whole experience more meaningful. These are the aha moments when things make sense all of the sudden, the pride that comes with overcoming a challenge and the connection we feel when we share those moments with others.

The Stories

The stories we share help give those moments meaning and provide context for the adventure. We use the word story loosely, referring to communication that has the power to draw us in to create an emotional connection with the facts presented.


This requires us to set up a safe environment, physically and emotionally. Going outside of our daily lives is mentally demanding and requires a level of trust between the guest and the guide.

The Logistics

The logistics cover all the work that’s done behind the scenes to create the experience for the guests, the customer service and the small details that have a large impact.

All the building blocks need to work together for the adventure to be worth doing. We should always be thinking of them in combination rather than on their own: a safe adventure without challenges is boring and the perfect activity poorly planned is a recipe for disaster.

Reinforcing Memories

This is the step that makes a collection of activities into a memorable experience. It is our chance to reinforce the memories we made on the trail, helping our guests remember their adventures forever.

It can be a physical object that acquired special meaning during the adventure or a photo on their phone. We find that something as simple as a conversation over hot chocolate at the end of the tour, sharing the highlights and surprises of the day can have the greatest impact.