February 2023 Meeting Highlights – Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake

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Discussing ongoing events, destination packages and the Travel Alberta Tourism Investment Program.

Poor road conditions and a majority of the partners attending virtually meant that we moved this month’s meeting fully online.


First up was a discussion of our ongoing Destination Events, including the Frozen Wonderland Festival and Speakers Series which so far have been a success, attracting guests from across the province as well as locals, who get access to these events at a highly discounted rate or for free through our Community Days. We are looking forward to hosting a series of Industry Workshops in the coming weeks, kicking off this weekend with an evening of stargazing with Alice Koning from the Kerry Wood Nature Centre.


We reviewed the work we did last month brainstorming itineraries and packages, and we will be uploading some of these on our website in the next few weeks in preparation for the summer season. Feel free to reach out with any input you may have.


The last part of our meeting was spent discussing the Travel Alberta Tourism Investment Program, for which applications are open until March 6. Lisa Lima from Travel Alberta explained the specifics of the program and provided suggestions on how to approach the application process. She is available to help with any questions you may have – do not hesitate to reach out to her.

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