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Discussing the opening of the newly redesigned Nordegg Discovery Centre and the Brazeau Collieries Mine Tours this spring.

This month’s meeting was held virtually. We welcomed Matt Martinson, Director of Agriculture & Community Services with Clearwater County, who shared some updates about the newly redesigned Nordegg Discovery Centre and the Brazeau Collieries Mine Tours.


The Nordegg Discovery Centre, which combines a visitor information centre and interpretive centre, aims at showcasing and celebrating history, culture, and the environment while also serving as an information hub for visitors. The NDC opens this May long weekend for mine site tour ticket sales.

Mine tours will be free of charge this season, with a donation system in place. The focus is on tour quality rather than revenue, and Clearwater County wishes to provide affordable access to a facility that hasn’t been open in a number of years.

There will be no commercial access to the mine this year, however the county is open to exploring options to allow commercial operators to provide tours in the mine area. Discussions on this likely won’t occur until fall or winter 2023-24 once the busy season as passed.


A couple of events will be held in Nordegg in the next several weeks.

On June 9 and 10, a community open house will take place at the Community Hall to discuss the new concept for the Nordegg Cemetery.

Council will be hosting a community engagement session on future development in Nordegg on June 29, 6-8pm at the Community Hall. This is a call to all Nordegg residents, business owners, and volunteer groups who have thoughts or plans about future development in Nordegg. Council will be in attendance to hear presentations from the local community.

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