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The lack of housing has been identified as one of the main challenges that hinder growth in the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region. With the support of Travel Alberta, we’ve hired Thom Stubbs from the Headwater Group to tackle the issue and identify solutions.

The project’s purpose is twofold: First, to review the community’s staff housing challenges to identify recommendations for the Clearwater County Land Use Bylaw review. Second, to explore opportunities for staff housing development along with options for a housing corporation.

Results from the project will be shared in April 2024.

News & Insights

October 2022 Meeting Highlights – Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake

Discussing the plans for 2023, upcoming events and workshopping itineraries.

Some Numbers On Staff Housing

Rules for staff housing are different than other types of tenancies, including how much can be deducted from wages for rent.

Airbnb Impacts on Nordegg

Concerns regarding the growing number of Airbnbs that are set to open within North Nordegg’s Residential Subdivision.

January 2022 Meeting Highlights – Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake

Discussing the Nordegg Development Plan with Jose Reyes, Clearwater County’s Director of Planning, to find out more about how it impacts our housing challenges.

December 2021 Meeting Highlights – Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake

Following up on the housing discussion, looking at our target markets with Travel Alberta and crafting winter itineraries.

October 2021 Meeting Highlights – Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake

A discussion with Jerry Pratt, Clearwater County’s EDO, on the housing challenges faced by businesses in Nordegg.


A look at what other mountain communities are doing to address the housing challenge.

Jasper Municipal Housing Corporation (JMHC)

Town of Canmore Housing Action

Canmore lays out plans to tax vacant homes, make tourist homes thing of the past – CBC Article

Six Alberta communities sign housing deals with federal government – CBC Article

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June 2023 Meeting Highlights – Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake

Two meetings this month. On June 7 the Black Lung Ultra folks presented their plans for an ultra marathon in summer 2024. On June 19 we hosted Clearwater County Council for a tour of the area, followed by a Meet & Greet with the partners in the afternoon.