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The last five years have seen an incredible amount of improvements for tourism on public lands in the region.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily challenges we face as small businesses operating on public lands. We also tend to wait for the perfect solution rather than getting things done. It’s been said that, as an industry, we’re hard to please and easy to ignore.

We need to do a better job of saying thank you but also at making a clear ask for what we need. Other industry has smaller operators, making it easier for governments to work with.

We’ve come a long way in past 5 years. A lot of these were discussed at the DTC Forums back in 2017/18, through the Bighorn Country proposals and pushed by operators over the years.

These are not perfect, and we’ll talk about this later, but we’re in a much better position now than 5 years ago. With so many of the basic infrastructure now in palace we can switch our focus to building new products and growing our destination.

  • Trailhead parking lots with blue signs, toilets and garbage bins.
  • Improved winter access.
  • Public Lands Camping Pass and Camping Areas with signs, toilets and garbage bins.
  • Increased in enforcement and trail maintenance.
  • Multi-year TFA/Access Permits.
  • Simplified Alberta Parks Guiding Permit renewal process. Online payments coming soon.
  • 60 year leases.
  • Single point of contact for operational issues.
  • Improved communication to permit-holders about access closures or changes.

Since our Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake meetings with Phil Hofer, Shane Schreiber and Darren Tansowny a year ago we’ve seen improvements in almost every area that were discussed.

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