Summer 2021 Content Shoot

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Building our summer adventure content, from rafting to nature-inspired art and hiking.

Following on the success of our winter content shoot, we once again teamed up with MODERNSPEAK and Roam Creative to capture the summer adventures that make our region a special place to visit.

Due to COVID restrictions, the content shoot happened later in the season than originally planned. As a result, the content created last summer is now coming into use on our site and by our partners, including HeLa Ventures website promoting their new rafting products.

This was made possible thanks to the support of Travel Alberta’s Coop Funding program and our partners volunteering their time.

A Look Behind The Scenes

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January 19, 2024 – Housing Meeting Highlights

Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake, with the support of Travel Alberta, is undertaking a staff housing study for the Nordegg region. We have engaged consultant Thom Stubbs from the Headwater Group to lead this project. On January 19, 2024 we held a first advisory committee meeting with several of the partners.